what is dear fred all about?

If you was to die today, could you guide your children through the challenges of tomorrow?

I often sit and think about the great people i've had in my life that are no longer with me.  I'd give anything to have a beer with my Grandad John and ask him for advice in running my businesses. Or have one last game of golf with my Grandad Jim to work on my awful swing. 

Im lucky to still have both parents in my life, but there were times growing up where I was too embarrassed or ashamed to ask them for advice. Then it hit me. If I was to die today, my son Fred would have no way of seeking council in his old man. 

I've made plenty of mistakes during my life, and have no doubt Fred will be in situation where he could make the same. In this blog I bear all. From my first crush to first time smoking. Trying drugs, loosing my virginity, marriage, death and sex. Dead end jobs, joining the army, achieving world records to becoming an entrepreneur. 

I want to give Fred a place where, when the time comes, he can flick through the archives and see how not to completely fuck up. Im not saying my way was or is the right way. This is just one dads attempt to try and steer his son in the right direction in the most challenging times of his life. 

You're welcome to join me on the journey as I write a series of letters (posts) to my son Fred. Fred is 3 years old as of writing. I am starting from the top...

Start Here to read my opening letter to Fred.

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